What Is The UK Energy Bill Rebate?

Rising energy costs and a general rise in the cost of living are making life hard for families, especially those with the lowest incomes. Also, some households in England will have to pay up to 5% more in council tax starting April 2022, and the energy price cap will go up again.

Millions of people will get a one-time £150 council tax refund, as promised by the government in February 2022. It is part of a plan to help families deal with the rising cost of living. So what does it mean for you?

You will only get the rebate if you pay the council tax for your household. The energy rebate program will only be given to one person per home.

Why Is The UK Government Providing Energy Bill Tax Support?

The UK government knows that many families will need help to deal with rising energy costs, which are rising because of things happening worldwide. The energy price limit will climb from £1,277 to £1,971 on April 1st, 2022, resulting in an over £700 increase in energy expenses for the typical family.

In the last year, wholesale gas prices have gone up four times. Since gas is used to make electricity, this drives up both retail electricity and retail gas bills.

How Will the Energy Tax Rebate Work?

  • Non-exempt English households in Council Tax Bands A-D will get a £150 rebate in April.
  • Local governments will reimburse homeowners. Not repayable.
  • About 80% of English families in Bands A-D will get a refund. Second residences and unoccupied properties don’t qualify.
  • English households in Bands A-D that pay less than £150 or don’t pay Council Tax due to Local Council Tax Support will additionally get £150.
  • Single Person Discount Bands A-D will get £150.
  • Most Direct Debit payers will get their money in April. In April, authorities will handle Bands A-D claims not paid by Direct Debit.
  • Local governments are receiving additional funds for energy rebates programs and administrative expenditures.
  • Local authorities will get £144 million in discretionary money to aid people who need help with their energy costs but aren’t eligible, such as those on higher income support bands (E-H) or with tax-exempt council houses in bands A-D.
  • Leveling Up, Housing and Communities, and local governments will provide further specifics.

From When Will the Energy Tax Relief Scheme Be Applicable?

The Energy Tax Relief Scheme will be applicable from Payments will be issued from 9th May 2022 onwards.

The rebate will be paid to the person who, at the end the day on 1st April 2022, is the Council Tax payer.

The one-off payment of a £150 rebate will not need to be repaid, is non-taxable and will not affect any benefits that you receive.

All awards will be paid into the bank account of the person whose name appears on the Council Tax bill.

Who in the UK Is Eligible To Claim Tax Rebate Under The Energy Bill Discount?

This payment will be paid to all homes that pay for their energy regardless of income. The £400 energy grant is expected to help about 28 million homes in England, Scotland, and Wales. Households in Northern Ireland will get the same kind of help, but the details are still being worked out.

If you rent, you’ll also get the money as long as you pay your bills. If you pay your landlord’s rent that includes your accounts, you won’t get the energy bill rebate unless your landlord gives it to you as a possible rent cut.

How Can I Claim The Energy Bill Discount?

From October 2022, all homes in the UK will get a grant to cut their energy bills by £400. Before, the chancellor said that everyone’s energy bills would be cut by £200 but would have to be paid back over five years.

Now, he has doubled the discount and removed the need to pay it back. In other words, everyone’s energy bill will go down by £400 in October. Your energy provider will give you the discount on their own. You don’t have to apply.

Direct debit and credit clients will have the funds credited to their accounts over six months beginning in October. Customers with prepayment meters will get a coupon or have the funds credited to their meters.

Are You Due A Tax Refund?

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