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The UK operates a self-assessment system, which means that, with little help or guidance from HMRC, you are required to complete your own return and calculate your own tax position correctly in order to avoid being financially penalised. You could be required to file your own tax return for many reasons. These include:

The list is endless.

In some circumstances, whilst not strictly necessary to file a tax return, it can also benefit you to complete one. For example, if you make pension contributions or charitable donations, you may be missing out on a tax reclaim. Or you may be generating losses in letting a property or in selling assets. You will only be able to use these losses to reduce current or future tax liabilities if you report them on a tax return.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) now have the ability to obtain information directly from sources such as your employer, your bank and many more. They use this information to cross check the accuracy of your tax return, and sometimes a careless error or inexperience can result in an enquiry. We can ensure that your chances of receiving an enquiry into your tax return is as low as possible. Should an enquiry occur we can help you through it, we can negotiate on your behalf to ensure that any penalties are kept to a minimum. Once we are familiar with your affairs, we can suggest various methods of reducing your taxes, with efficient tax planning and government backed investments.

By choosing to use our tax return preparation service we can give you peace of mind that your tax return is being completed correctly and to a high professional standard. With constant changes in legislation and higher powers of enquiry being introduced, it is becoming ever more important that professional advice is sought, even with a “simple tax return”.

Quick and Efficient Service

We offer a quick and efficient service! Once we’ve received all your information, we’ll have your tax return prepared in just 7 days.

We Offer a Personalised Service

We always schedule a phone call to learn all about your personal tax needs. Our service is highly personalised and designed to help you fully with all your requirements.

We Can Save You Some Money

Our experienced specialists will ensure you are not paying more money than you need to!

Simple Pricing

Our fees start from just £139.99! No hidden costs!

Strictly Confidential

Your information is used solely for completing your tax return. Other than filing it with HMRC, rest assured we won’t share your information with anyone else.

We keep things simple

Quick, easy, simple process Give us a call and we’ll do the hard work.

How it Works

Step 1 – Contact us

Click the “Get Started” button and complete the short questionnaire form with your details and we’ll call you back within 72 hours. You’ll speak to one of our qualified tax advisors who’ll spend time understanding your individual circumstances. They’ll let you know exactly what information and documentation we’ll need to complete your tax return.

Step 2 – Provide Information

Our experienced tax advisor will ask you to provide relevant information for completion of your self assessment tax return. This can be taken over the phone or emailed to us.

Step 3 – We complete and file

Once we’ve received all your information we’ll complete your tax return. We’ll then inform you of your liability or rebate and send you your tax return by email within seven days for you to review. Once you’re happy with your tax return and approved we will file with HMRC. Its that Simple!

If you are interested in our service, please contact us to schedule a phone call.