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Construction workers that wear a uniform to work are eligible to claim Uniform tax rebate.

Uniform Tax Allowance

If you wear or have worn a uniform or protective clothing at work over the past 4 years, which you must wash and maintain yourself, you may be due a tax refund from HMRC. This allowance can be backdated for up to 4 years.

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Marriage tax allowance allows you to transfer 10% of your unused personal allowance to your spouse or civil partner if they earn more than you.

Marriage Tax Allowance

Marriage Tax Allowance allows a couple to transfer 10% of the lower earning partners personal tax allowance to the higher earning partner. Which, simply put, means the higher earner will pay less tax.

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If you are required to use your own vehicle for work, you may be able to claim mileage allowance rebate from HMRC based on the number of business miles you travel.

Mileage Tax Allowance

Work Mileage Tax Allowance is a tax relief from the HMRC which allows you to deduct the costs of business trips from your income. This tax relief could be worth up to 45p for every mile you have travelled since April 2015.

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If you received a payment for mis-sold payment protection insurance, you could be eligible for a tax rebate from HMRC.

PPI Tax Refund

If you have received a payment for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) since April 2016, you could be eligible for a PPI Tax Refund, as most banks/lenders will have incorrectly deducted 20% tax automatically.

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Claiming your Tax Refund is easy and is possible online with the help of our expert Team at Claim My Tax Back. If you’re a UK Employee, You Can Claim back up to £160 pounds on a Single Tax Rebate.

We are a specialist company that has been helping UK employees get back money they have paid to the HMRC, for years.

Based on data from 2019, 1 in 3 employees in the UK are due a tax rebate from HRMC. Also, over 2 million people are missing out on the marriage tax allowance tax break.

At Claim My Tax Back, our mission is to help you claim back the highest tax rebate, with minimal fuss. Our service is fast, efficient, transparent and we will help you at every step of the way.

We are so confident in the service we offer that we operate on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. We don’t charge any upfront fees and we promise you won’t pay a penny unless we manage to recover a rebate for you!

Claim My Tax Back operates on a no win no fee basis.

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Firefighters and other uniform workers may be eligible to claim Uniform Tax Allowance from HMRC.

What is Uniform Tax Rebate?

If you wear or have previously worn a uniform to work (E.g. health care attire, police uniform, restaurant/coffee shop uniforms or even a shirt with the company logo) which you have to wash and maintain yourself you could be eligible to claim back a rebate of aproximately £120 for the last 4 years. According to national statistics, 2 in 3 employees who wear a uniform at work are able to claim back. Use the claim button below to process your tax rebate instantly.

Claim your Uniform Tax Rebate

What is Marriage Tax Allowance?

Marriage Tax Allowance allows a married couple (or civil partnership) to transfer 10% of the lower earning partners unused personal tax allowance to the higher earning partner. (For 2019/20 tax year, this equates to a saving of £250 for the higher earning partner). This allowance can be backdated for up to 4 years, which results in average claims of £900 for our eligible clients plus a credit of £250 for the current tax year!

Claim Your Marriage Tax Rebate
Marriage Allowance allows the lower earner within the marriage or civil partnership to transfer £1,250 of their unused Personal Allowance to their higher-earning partner.

Advantages Of Claiming Your Tax Back With Us

Team Of Tax Professionals

Our dedicated team of tax professionals have helped thousands of people claim back their rightful tax refund.

No Win No Fee

We operate on a no win no fee basis. We only take a fee when your claim has been accepted and you are guaranteed a pay-out.

Back Dated Claims

All claims submitted through Claim My Tax back can be backdated up to 4 years. Even if you have changed jobs or are no longer employed.

Hassle Free Application

Our application process is very quick, simple and stress free. Your claim can be submitted online through our website in mins.

“Make a UK Tax Claim Today – It Only Takes a Minute”

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Firefighters and other uniform workers may be eligible to claim Uniform Tax Allowance from HMRC.

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Claim My Tax Back have helped me recover hundreds of pounds I didn’t even know was owed to me. The staff were very helpful every step of the way.

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The process was hassle free. All my enqueries were professionally dealt with and  I highly recommend them to anyone who could be due a refund.

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