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We always assumed that most tax refund agents/companies on the web used up to date HMRC data to give their clients as much of an accurate estimate as they could concerning Uniform tax refund, Professional fees, Marriage Allowance and Mileage Allowance amounts they could potentially claim!

Sadly, it appears the majority either over-promise or give certain fixed amounts no matter what information you input. This is disappointing as the data to construct accurate tax rebate calculators is readily available from HMRC and is updated regularly.

All Uniform allowance (FRE allowance) claimable amounts depend on the industry and then occupation within that industry. For example, if the building industry was chosen from the industry drop-down menu, then this would give you 5 options to choose from the job title dropdown. All of which give a different allowance amount to the calculator. This is important as the Uniform Allowance from HMRC can vary from the basic £60 (which is available to anyone who wears even a t-shirt with a logo) to £1022 for airline pilots and co-pilots, with an average of £140 for most occupations.

A lot of occupations in the retail and fast-food sector fall into the basic uniform allowance amount. So, people working for Tesco’s, Boots, McDonalds, Sainsburys, etc.. can all claim the £60 per year uniform tax rebate and backdate this claim for up to 4 years.

Where the calculator is most useful if when you get into industry sectors such as Aluminium, Healthcare, Clothing, Heating, Construction etc, as the occupation options then give you detailed jobs within the chosen industry, all of which have significant and varied uniform allowance amounts.

The same applies to Professional & Union, fees and subscriptions. HMRC keep an extensive list of approved professional bodies and Unions which they will refund the tax on people’s payments going back 4 years. When you use our rebate calculator for Uniform rebate, Mileage allowance refund or PPI tax allowance, you are given the option of choosing the approved professional body or Union from our up to date drop-down menu and inputting the amount you paid every year since April 2016. This is then added to your estimate in the case of Uniform Tax Allowance or as an add on for your Mileage to PPI tax rebate estimate.

The Mileage allowance rebate calculator asks for the work miles you travelled (not including to & from a fixed place of work) and taking into account the allowance you were compensated for by your employer, give you an estimate of what you can claim back based on HMRC allowances for mileage, different vehicles and the tax year in question.

The PPI tax refund calculator works on the fact that people based on their income bracket have (since April 2016 ) a certain amount of interest they can receive every year tax-free ( if you are 20% taxpayer this would be £1000 per/year). So, using our calculator and providing your income tax bracket as well as some information from your PPI pay-out statement. You can get a good estimate of what you can claim back in mins.

Finally, the Marriage Allowance calculator only needs some simple answers on your (and your partners) income bracket for the present and past 4 years to give you an estimate.

While it is true the tax rebate calculators are only estimates based on the information you supply and HMRC will evaluate each case on various factors before agreeing on the final amount of tax rebate, but we feel by giving customers as much an accurate estimate as possible, it helps them to understand what they can potentially receive and what tax credit will then be added to their tax account every tax year until their circumstances change.

Fill out our tax rebate calculators for a no-obligation estimate.

Date Posted: 09/04/2020

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