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Claiming Your Tax Rebate After Losing Your Job

Have you recently been dismissed or made redundant?

PPI Tax Refund

If you have received a PPI pay-out since April 2016, tax may have been deducted.

Applying for Marriage Tax Allowance

Applying for Marriage Tax Allowance?

10 Reasons You Could Be Due A Tax Rebate

10 reasons why you could be due a tax rebate.

Work Mileage Allowance

What is Work Mileage Allowance?

Self Employed UK

Government Help for the Self Employed.

Government Aid -COVID-19

The Government have revealed their £330bn support plan to aid businesses through COVID-19.

DSK Associates

DSK Associates provides full online accountancy services for small to medium enterprises within the United Kingdom.

How Accurate Is Our Calculator?

We always assumed that most tax refund agents/companies on the web used up to date HMRC data to give their clients as much of an accurate estimate as they could.

What are Tax Refunds?

A tax refund is a refund of tax which has been overpaid. There are various reasons why tax may have been overpaid.