Uniform Tax Allowance

What is Uniform Tax Rebate?

If you wear a uniform/protective clothing to work, (this can even be a T-shirt with the company logo), which you must wash & maintain yourself, you could be eligible to claim uniform tax rebate for the current tax year and up to the past 4 years. According to national statistics, 2 in 3 people who wear a uniform for work can claim uniform tax allowance.  

Am I eligible to claim Uniform Tax Rebate

To be able to claim the uniform tax rebate, ALL the following must apply:

  • You wear a recognisable uniform that shows you’ve got a certain job, like a branded T-shirt, air stewardess or police uniform.
  • Your employer requires you to wear it while you’re working.
  • You must clean & maintain it yourself.
  • You paid income tax in the year(s) you are claiming for.

Do you qualify?

Answer the following questions to find out if you may be eligible to claim.